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I couldn't be more impressed, excellent staff all around. My trainer adapted to my needs. Core Recruitment placed Jody with Kode Sand and Gravel.

Jody G
2 week Excavator Course - August 2015
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The hands on experience far exceeds learning from a book!

Mike G.
Side Boom Operator Course, 2014
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I had a wonderful experience! Ken Spence was a great instructor, he was very thorough on everything I needed to know about safety, pre & post trips, maintenance and training on the truck. I feel well trained and confident to go find a job now! This was one of the best experiences in my life. I just want to thank Tracy, Ken, Dardo and Tara for helping through this process. Core Recruitment succesfully placed Pamela with Peace River Hydro Partners as a rock truck operator.

Pamela Haggart
Construction Equipment Operator Course, Rock Truck
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My experience was very interesting and awesome. Everything was fun to learn, especially swamping - which is what I'd like to get into. At first some of us were strangers and in time we became a family and we looked out for each other. I 'm confident enough to get out there and start working.The instructors were very thorough with all aspects.

Linda T.
Pipeline Construction Course, 2014
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The training I received was second to none. The hands on training and the abundance f seat time makes the difference. The Instructor was extremely informative and helpful. Being able to work with and alongside an active logging crew was exceptional. The logging crew were just as helpful with any questions, showing you different techniques and will help you in any way for you to become a better operator. They know the industry needs more operators and they do everything they can to give you the proper direction. The time at O'Brien Training has now opened many more opportunities for me going forward with my career.

Joey L
Customized Forestry Equipment Operator Course (Feller Buncher & Processor), 2014